2003-2018 Cummins 12mm&14mm Girdle
-Clean and dry the girdle and inspect for any damage from shipping, and be sure to inspect and count all hardware before assembly. If anything is missing, or if you have any questions be sure to call us before you proceed.
-Be sure to properly align the girdle with notches on the side with the pickup tube to line up with the pickup tube mounting tabs.
-Be sure to follow ARP’s recommended torque specs and sequence. The use of the ARPs supplied washers is not needed, apply the supplied nuts directly to the girdle.
-It is also recommended to have the blocks main bore checked with the girdle torqued in place to check for any main bore distortion.

Torque specs for arp 12mm main studs-3 equal steps to 125ft/lbs
Torque specs for arp 14mm main studs-3 equal steps to 175ft/lbs


-Be sure to check all clearances on wrist pin bore and crank journal to allow for proper oil/bearing clearance, incorrectly installed or clearanced rods will not be warrantied.  In certain circumstances wrist pin bushing honing will be needed to insure proper oil clearance, check side clearance as well.

-Properly clean and inspect all parts for damage or any other issue that may be noticed before installing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us before proceeding. Most all rod or engine failures can be avoided when the engine is assembled, take your time and pay attention to the details! 

-These connecting rods use 89-02 style Cummins rod bearings, Clevite part# CB1413H or P depending on application, CR /03-Present connecting rod bearings will not work. (Bearing tangs are opposite)

-Be sure the properly align and number the rod caps before disassembly with a marker (easier to read), the existing Serial and batch numbers must be on the same side and match as well!  

-Insure proper block to rod clearance, rod to cam clearance and rod to crank side clearance, check with your engine builder for recommended settings, if unsure please call us and we will advise.

-Be sure to properly install the rod in the correct orientation, as not to cause imbalance or rod interference. Typically, rods are installed long side to the exhaust.  In certain circumstances the fuel pump lobe may need to be ground off the camshaft, if your cam has one.

-Use ample amounts of ARP Ultra Torque Assembly Lube on the threads and under the head of each bolt, ARP’s recommended torque values are as follows-

ARP L19 Standard Bolts-Torque 3 equal steps to 85 ft lbs

ARP 625 Upgraded Bolts-Torque 3 equal steps to 90 ft lbs

-TIP!  The caps are doweled and sometimes can be tough to separate, to remove, loosen the rod bolts 4-5 turns and lightly tap the bolts with a rubber mallet to separate the cap from the rod. NEVER TRY TO PRY THEM APART WITH ANY TOOL, and do not rock side to side and mark up the mating surface! 

-Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your engine is safe and reliable, we guarantee you to have years of trouble-free service if you follow our instructions as well as using a little common sense.